Mozarts Requiem

Mozarts Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626) ist jenseits der Musik von Mysteriösem und Tragischem umgeben. Der Guardian faßt dies schön präzise so zusammen: „a genuinely weird commission from a courtly intermediary who asked Mozart to write a piece for Count von Walsegg, so that the pretentious count could pass off the piece as his own composition to commemorate the death of his wife; a young composer of genius writing his first setting of the Mass for the Dead, and finding an absolutely distinctive musical voice to do so; and his tragically early death at the age of 35 after he had written around two-thirds of the work’s musical material. He died after composing eight bars of the Requiem’s Lacrimosa, the last words he set to music marking „that day of tears and mourning“.“

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